Cast Dream : Silica sol investment casting equipment suppliers

 From stainless steel precision castings to iron-carbon alloy investment castings, we stay in front of the competition. We are Cast Dream, a dedicated team that provides professional manufacturing for precision investment casting. Our products have mechanical fittings, car valves, manufacture hardware, medical equipment, valve fittings, sewing machines, knitting fittings, pneumatic machinery and maritime hardware. In good partnership with you as our client, we would like to perform as a development collaborator, sharing our thinkings and ideas about product design, material selected, sizes or machining. We are Cast Dream a committed team that supplies professional production for casting precision, we are a well-known provider of precision castings. iron low wax casting quality standards in Dongguan

Why choosing us?

  • 10 years of experience in foundry precision castings.
  • Perfect English communication and exploding service.

With precision casting, we can exploit almost 200 alloys. These metals range from ferrous – stainless steel, instrument steel, carbon steel and ductile iron – to non-ferrous – aluminum, copper and brass. Waste is treated in accordance to government standards. Our excellent processes insure energy expenditure is optimized during operation. We constantly strive to unite technology in its processes to ameliorate efficiency and quality. Further, we provide a grand freedom in both scheme and material option of your needed castings. metals investment precision cast machine in Dongguan

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