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With Crescendo, you will not only discover your favorites but also your partner’s. Whether it’s a knee trembler, spine tingler or earth shaker, Crescendo is assured to transform your contact by hitting all the good spots, invariably.

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Investigate your worst desires in the bathing, lavatory or pool. Play solo, together or who ever you wish, wherever you want.


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Crescendo delivers the best combination of wellness, enjoyment and engineering innovation together to create a system that is equally efficient & appealing. Mysteryvibe blended in-depth study & engineering skills with expert physicians to design medical devices that handle important sexual overall health problems such as erectile dysfunction, dryness & pain for the duration of sexual intercourse. womens vibratir be sure to use good-quality water-based lubricant with this device. Generate your personal vibration patterns with a simple tap in the Mysteryvibe application then sync with bluetooth to blow your mind. Crescendo is the Crescendo is at its core, smart technology is basically tech that learns. It collects info and information and employs this to react to instructions you enter with a personalised experience. Like a fitbit, or your netflix recommendations. app controlled sex toys Mysteryvibe are 1 company on the bleeding edge of intelligent sex tech, but not just due to the fact their toys dazzle us with science. Their flagship vibrator, the Crescendo, stands apart simply because it also requires the phrase smart in its most literal sense. The Crescendo is designed in a way that allows for easy, and essentially human interaction, by bending and moving with us authentically as we play. 6 motors operate along the entire length of the toy, with twelve preset patterns to choose from. It did take a while for us to come to feel like we were getting the most out of the toy, and I feel even for the next few occasions we enjoy with it we’ll still feel like we’re finding out how to get the most out of it. It’s territory i’m looking forward to discovering. best material for sex toys investment casting design considerations the packaging is nothing short of magnificent. There is a lovely black quilted storage case that ties up with an intricate black ribbon, which comes inside a strong and compact black box. If it weren’t made for this vibrator, it could easily have been mistaken for the case of a designer bracelet or fancy gadget. Https:// are threesomes fun

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